BMW Scanner V1.4.0 Recoding Experience

A couple days ago, I bought a china clone BMW Scanner V1.4.0 from Wobd2 for US$19.00 only including shipping fee. The package comes with BMW scanner main unit, a USB to OBD-II connector and software in the CD.

Then, I used this BMW Scanner to do some with my BMW E53, fantastic.

I am not affiliated with this product, simply a user who is suitably impressed and felt it worth sharing my experience.

I used BMW scanner to recode my car, check below:

1. Recode all the lighting system, Xenon to Non-Xenon etc, no more relays, resistor packs etc etc. Recode the bulb warm up sequence (value 72 for Xenon and 22 for Halos);
2. Recode the key memory functions;
3. Recode navigation systems and TV on the move (no more kits);

It is particularly good for replacement modules, pick these up secondhand and re-program and re-code and off you go.

I will share some screen shots from my car at the end. To do the coding, you just turn off key memory, dynamic Xenon adjustments and a few other things along the way, you can read the config, save it, alter it and of course restore the old settings, this software can do things that the dealer can’t.

If interested, here is the URL for the website:
Software Display:
BMW Scanner V1.4.0 DEMO
information about car and ZCS and FA coding
BMW Scanner V1.4.0 IKE
IKE coding
BMW Scanner V1.4.0 Light coding
BMW Scanner V1.4.0 Equipment
BMW Scanner V1.4.0 ZKE3 coding