Can Autel AP200 Scanner Work on Multiple Phones?


Can we use Autel AP200 Scanner on a different phone or tablet?


The answer is Yes.

Here we will show you how to move it to another device.


How to Connect AP200 to another phone?

When we run AP200 software, it will jump to binding screen.

Here we may think it links to only one device, but it is just bound to Autel ID.

Run software on old phone.

Switch to Diagnostics page, and Honda and EOBD software won’t expire.

For other software, each costs 21.99 bucks every year.

Run software on new phone.

Login in by the same Autel ID as required.

Switch to Diagnostics page, and we still have the access to Honda and EOBD software.

Downloading complete.

Try connecting new phone to AP200, no problem.

Connect to this Honda vehicle.

Scan all systems.

We can still connect AP200 to old phone.

Review from DIYAutoworksNG.