CKM100 Car Key Master Read Mercedes EIS Data

Here is the tip for you to learn MB EIS reading by CKM 100.

CKM100 Car Key Master with 390 tokens / with unlimited tokens

How to read Mercedes Benz EIS by CKM100:
Go to, to download key generator for reading the key data.
Note: it is only available in Chinese version, so do not change the language. Just follow my instruction via the following picture. It is on Page 4.
mercedes key generator
mercedes key generator-1
User: kh023
Password: jsq033

1. This system can be used for only one customer. Please wait for a while to try again when someone else logs in.
2. This software only has the English version.

Why choose CKM100 car key master?
1. Multi-functions: Integrate functions such as key information reading, data calculating, and key programming and is applicable to both old and new models for BENZ and BMW.
2. Support K&CAN line: Car Key Master can be operated via OBD socket, CAN or K line on many models without isassembly.
3. Stylish sports car appearance: Streamlined design, small and light weight which give customers a whole new experience.
4. Easy operation: Graphical workflow makes it easier for your operation.
5. Innovative payment methods — Pay as you go!
6. High security of G3 platform: Besides web-orient, USB communication and online update, our G3 (the third generation) platform is especially featured by its high security: hardware anti-cracking and software anti-copying, adopting IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm) for registration, upgrade and payment.

Customer feedback conclusion:
This original CKM100 is one of the key master with little complaint and of high quality. If users are with keys from Yanhua, they can use it repeatedly.