Ford VCM2 IDS V96 License Not Found (fixed)

Ford VCM2 scanner IDS V96 (Item No: SP177-C1, SP177-C, SP177-1, SP177-C2) solution is provided below.

I am trying to install Ford IDS v96 software on a old Windows XP laptop. I have finished the first step and well installed C81 calibration files. When I started to install IDS V91, there was no 3 day trial prompt and the software displayed an error message:
“IDS Software-Production License Not Found
An active IDS software is not found and is required for Vehicle Communications.”
(error screenshot is taken below)

Wobd2 suggestions & solution:

If there is no 3 day trail information after install V91 IDS, then installation procedure is failed. Please stop and quit installation. Then do following:

1) Change another laptop running Win XP
2) Or install our Windows 7 operating system and install V96 VCMII IDS on VMware

Here is the operation video of installing V96 IDS on Windows 7 on VMware.