Clone Opel Bosch PSG16 by Bench or OBD Mode

One customer asked us what tools would clone Opel PSG16, Bench only or possible OBD.

So, here we are going to share with you top 3 tools to clone this module.


Original FoxFlash support PSG16 below:

Opel         Astra G   Bosch  PSG16

Opel         Frontera  Bosch   PSG16

Opel  Omega   Bosch  PSG16

Opel         Signum  Bosch    PSG16

Opel  Vectra   Bosch    PSG16

Opel         Zafira   Bosch    PSG16

Opel Zafira PSG6 and checksum OK.

It could also read write PSG16 using OTB Adapter by Bench pinout on OBD mode.


X-tool covers dashboards, airbags, ECUs, IMMO… PSG16 is also supported.

And it has Read Write KM, VIN change, Read Write EEPROM.

3.Flex Tool

Flex has these PSG16 options:

Connection as diagrams.

Full backup and checksum.

Complete! Those are all 3 tools that could handle PSG16.