ECU Tuning Tool: Autotuner or Kess V3?

In this article, we are going to compare 2 tuning tools – Autotuner and Kess V3.

Let’s check them out!

Alientech Kess V3 vs. Autotuner:



Pros and Cons:

For Kess V3, we are able to choose protocols that we want unlike autotuner in full protocol. It’s good for those who has a small budge to start.

For Autotuner, the updates are free for life. For Kess3 you have to pay the update each year to be able to have virtual readings or have the new things. Though you can still use it if you don’t pay that.

One thing is important. The assistance in autotuner is really responsive. We don’t need to wait 24 hours.

The V3 is a little better for older vehicles due to more protocols on old computers, unlike autotuner where it focuses more on new features.



Kess, if you only buy with OBD car protocol, and one day you want to activate the rest, there is no need for anyone to send cables to you; Autotuner, it is supplied with a cable for bench. But the yellow cable for old EDC16 and so on is optional.


We are going to test the same vehicle, bmw ms42. I don’t use the stabilizer since it is an old vehicle.

For Kess V3, it is relatively quickly there. 84 seconds.

To use Autetuner, we don’t have to worry about the voltage, and no need to remove and replace the ignition compared to Kess V3. Almost there, 84 seconds.

Done! Which do you prefer?