FoxFlash ECU Tuning Tool Clone Mercedes VGS3 Tips

One customer wondered if FoxFlash ECU Programmer supports VGS3 cloning, is it possible? It will need also Vediamo programming or just clone and run?


Yes, clone and run.

What FoxFlash does is to copy the VIN and SCN string that it then writes to the new VGS.

Other things we should do is erase before reading and teach in when it is fitted in the car.


1.How to Initialize?

Only clone it with FoxFlash, and all other procedures, if any, are done with other tools.

In this case it is virgined using Autel Ultra on bench then copied data from old VGS3 to new one and it worked well.


2.How to Load EEPROM?

EEPROM is not a must.

In most cases, it is just SCN Coding string and VIN and then do gear selector teach in when it is fitted in vehicle.


Credit to John Ogola.