FVDI 2018 ABRITES Commander FAQ

Original FVDI 2018 covers full functions of FVDI2014, FVDI2015 and FVDI2016. It can’t be locked and has no time limitation. Here have collected some common questions and related answers. Hope it’s helpful.
Q: Does SVCI 2018 need to be connected to the internet?

A: It needs internet only for programming online, other functions no need.

Q: Can I install SVCI 2018 software on Window 10?

A: Yes, FVDI 2018 supports Win XP/7/10. We have tested it on Window 7, it worked greatly.

Q: Can SVCI 2018 correct odometer for Peugeot 2015 with a BSI VDO?

A: No, it only supports the cars till 2013.

Q: Is it possible to virginize ism and vgs for Mercedes benz by FVCI 2018?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: When loading quick loader, there is an error “FTd2XX.dll is missing”, and the green light on SVCI 2018 is not on. How to solve it?

A: Install the driver well and load again.

Q: How to solve FVDI 2018 ABRITES commander on Win 10 Pro mfc110u.dll error?

A: There are four solutions for reference:

Option 1: Try to import the DLL manually:


Results: tried, still same.

Option 2: Try installing it on win7/32bit. OS

Also works on win 8.1 64bit without problem

Option 3: You could install it in a VM running win7 32bit, or you could dual boot into a copy of win7 32bit perhaps.

Option 4: uninstall all microsoft visual redistributable packages and install 2010 x86 and 2012 x86 versions from official microsoft site. You cand find it easily by searching on google ‘download microsoft visual redistributable 2010’ and ‘download microsoft visual redistributable 2012’. Make sure you get x86 versions. This had been tested on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

Q: A message prompted “The device has been deactived” on FVDI 2018.

A:Every 30 days, FVDI 2018 should be connected to internet to be activated again.

if more than 30 days you didn’t connect FVDI to internet, you will get this error: the device has been deactivated.

It is easy to solve the problem, just connect FVDI computer to internet, run software, the software will automatically activate FVDI to get another 30 days.

Q: FVDI 2018 Error: Device not opened

A: Please install FVDI driver again.

FVDI Driver download link:


To be continued…

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