FVDI ABRITES Commander on Win 10 Pro mfc110u.dll error solution

Fly FVDI ABRITES Commander on Win10 64bit get error for mfc110u.dll. Here are 4 optional solutions for sharing.



Option 1.

Try to import the DLL manually:


Results: tried, still same.

Option 2:

Try installing it on win7/32bit. Mine works only on 32bit OS (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjeaIlFr1Aw )

Also works on win 8.1 64bit without problem

Option 3:

You could install it in a VM running win7 32bit, or you could dual boot into a copy of win7 32bit perhaps.

Option 4:

uninstall all microsoft visual redistributable packages and install 2010 x86 and 2012 x86 versions from official microsoft site. You cand find it easily by searching on google ‘download microsoft visual redistributable 2010’ and ‘download microsoft visual redistributable 2012’. Make sure you get x86 versions.

That’s how I got it to work on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

If other apps need other versions of visual redistributable you may install them afterwards.


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