Is there a single VCI for BMW JLR Toyota Mazda diagnostics in a laptop?

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Purpose: a single VCI – a few different diagnostic programs – one laptop – different cars diagnostics

  • BMW
  • JLR
  • Toyota
  • Mazda

may add more in the future…

There is a single VCI that can be connected to and operate with these multiple software bundles

You could cover all of these using either…

1. Autocom/Delphi 2014.3 software (2015 & 2016 versions are fake) with DS150e /CDP vci

2. Launch Pro with Launch Easydiag 2 or Easydiag 3 vci. Look in the forums for free solutions or get it with tech support from a reliable source (i’m using

Launch is up to current vehicles.

This will be sufficient for most diagnostic work needed to repair all brands of vehicles you might expect to encounter.

If you want to get into software updates or chip tuning then you will need many more expensive tools.

  1. AVDI and for the matter FVDI work as pass through’s I have both gen avdi and ori fly fvdi and we use the fly for ford,jag,honda and toyota as it also has the free loader that means you can use the latest manufacture applications direct
    What you do need to be aware of is what versions of can you need to communicate over there are many ISO protocols and also pin out options of the obd2 plug
    For example ford use J1850 on pins 3 and 11 as it will work in single wire config avdi doesnt talk on this so relies on using the vehicles can interface which is ok until you have an isue on that can interface
    But Ford KA (edge 2009 on) is actually Fiat so it uses pins 1 and 8
    You need to know exactly what you need in terms of protocols (there is 6 common ones) then work out if you can find the drivers for a tool that works with your software4. A different option is to get a can sniffer dependent on type and software options (VXDIAG Multi Tool should a good option for you) – then you can diag every car and you can enter into many functions hidden to your scanner
    The OBD2 connector protocol is a mandated law (this started in USA but is worldwide now) that means every module on the vehicle must be accessible and programmable via this socket this goes way beyond the flashing of maps etc. Manufactures are allowed to password protect parts of the system like the incode/outcode of Ford but as manufactures are by nature bean counters and lazy they buy in there electronics so a Delphi code is a delphi code no matter if it is ford or peugeot or even geely

    I am looking at getting a ADR soon (about £3500) as they have some amazing access to modules they can tell you that at x time on x day x mileage/rpm/outside temp “colour of your pants” you entered the speedo module and reprogrammed the vin and the real vin is x from this stolen car… (even if you reprogram chip of the board as its done by snapshots)
    The police have this and its made by Bosch and anyone can buy it