How to Reflash PCM for Mondeo with Ford VCM II IDS

Ford VCM II IDS provides full dealer-level diagnostic capacities for most 16pin Fords (include all new 2013 Ford vehicle) with IDS software, supporting both VMM and CFR.

Software Version: V97;
Supported OS System: Windows XP;

We know that Ford VCM II Clone supports multi-function for Ford, including read and clear DTCs, injector coding, DPF regeneration, steering angle reset, brake bleeding and more you can check via the following page:

While what I want to talk about is how to reflash PCM via IDS software:

Video Guide:

Enter into IDS software main menu;
Select Module Reprogramming >> PCM;
Turn IGN off;
Click to continue;
Wait for loading…
Turn IGN on;
Still wait for loading…
Click yes to continue;
Click ;
Turn IGN off again;
Automatically come out PCM Reprogramming Window;
Check the following notices carefully;
Click ;
Turn IGN on;
Wait for PCM Reprogramming data download;
Turn IGN off and then on for 2 times;
Select Injector 1;
Click to continue;
Then click yes/no to confirm whether enter data for another injector;
Turn IGN off;
Click to continue;
Turn IGN on.