X431 Key Programmer Instruction and Universal Key List

New Launch X431 Key Programmer is released! It covers Transponder and Smart Keys Generation, Anti-theft type identification, Key Matching, Remote Control Pairing…

How to Generate Remote?

1.Enter the [Vehicle Remote] menu and select the corresponding available super remote to generate.

2.Select the corresponding key and place the super remote key in the key programmer to generate.

3.After the remote control is successfully generated, enter the [Set type of super chip] menu to generate the corresponding key chip.

How to Use Super Chip?

1.Enter the menu [Set type of super chip] to generate.

2.Select the corresponding key chip type and insert the super chip into the antitheft induction coil.

3.Once successfully generated, it can be used.

X431 Key Programmer Test

Go to

Other modules>>Toolbox>>Key Programmer>>

Read transponder.

Generate transponder.

Register key to vehicle.

Frequency detection.

Detect ignition signal.

X431 Universal Key List:

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