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Mercedes-Benz Diagnosis has always been considered key matching is very mysterious, high-tech. In the Facebook  friends see a Supreme Benz key issue matching images.if there are some people do not understand what is it who will feel so amazing and awesome.In fact, Benz key matching we do was not very difficult, but nobody has to tell you the auto diagnosis method, and what equipment do not have to focus on where you see it.

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WorldOBD2.COM Engineer would like to  share How to Benz key Matching


First, there are two types of Mercedes keys.
The first is a chip with a folding key. This key is used in the majority of early Mercedes car, the chip is a 7935 model, it is now rarely seen. The second key is infrared that is now the most common. Mercedes-Benz car about 1999 years beginning with the first-generation infrared keys.
Benz IR key principles:
the process was the use of infrared codes, open and close the anti-theft system. There are password SSID in car key, which was make up by EIS lock out. When the infrared SSID and key EIS lock unanimous,the lock will pull and open, Lift anti-theft. So its need to read data out of the lock when the key to match ,and the key data will be calculate, then the data is written to the keys inside.

7935 chip is rarely. The following main approaches share infrared matching key, because the keys are always generally

Nowadays we can put the Benz infrared keys EIS divided into two ways
the key types can be divided into: Keys Motorola, NEC key, BGA keys

Motorola locks often used early in the Mercedes-Benz, to around 2006 began NEC lock. Mercedes-Benz will often lock several faults, resulting in not pull open. The troubleshooting method that I will share in the WorldOBD2.COM

So how the Mercedes-Benz infrared keys to match it? WOBD2 sharing methods as below:
In fact, easy!,as long as the data is read out of the lock, the software calculates the key data, then the data is written to the key inside,that’s OK.

• 1, Read EIS data
The first step is to dismantle lock, open, read data wiring programmer. Of course, some devices may have been to avoid demolition and read EIS data.
This Motorola now lock as an example to explain the following figure. For this lock, we choose to go with a

Digimaster 3 (D3) read its CPU data. The whole CPU to blow off with hot air gun, the model is: Mask 4J74Y, the entire CPU soldered D3 digital master adapter seat, read the data.

Of course, XP programmer was friendly and use XP read, but to ensure the stability of performance, it will be very content to read the data lost. No matter what device you use, as long as the data can be read EIS. After the read out data, we save the data as BIN format, ready for the next step.

• 2, calculate key data
With the data later, we use the calculator keys Benz MB BENZ key calculation tool (SKC), lock by EIS data to calculate the key data.

PC computer connected Benz key calculator, open the software, make sure the device is connected, as shown below.
1. Click LOAD DUMP, is loaded, open meaning. We have just read out to the data loaded into the lock, when the data is loaded, we can see the SSID, password, chassis number, the number of kilometers, the key number, key positions have been used, and do not use the key position will be displayed come out.
(Note: If you load the data, some information can not be displayed, not as a password, SSID, that you read EIS data may have been partially lost, such data can not be calculated from the key of the car.)

2. Select the hook key position is not used, the key positions have been used, do not checked. We can choose to calculate a few more keys, as a backup. In case the owner later lost the key, you can use multiple backup key data immediately write a key, without the need to dismantle the EIS data is read, convenient and risk reduction.

3, and then we calculate the key point CALC keyS meaning, and so on about 10 minutes, after the completion of key computing. The software will automatically generate the data file you just saved in the load EIS file in the same folder inside, as shown below.

• 3, with key data how to write? What equipment can write?
We calculate the key data can be written to the key inside, just above has been calculated that three key data, we select one of the data, with the D3 can write. Of course, now there are many devices can write Benz key, we utilize the device is not unique.
We choose to use D3 to write. Into the anti-theft system, into the Mercedes, just select a car went in, and then select Advanced mode, the following figure.

It has a write-Benz infrared keys function, but only if you must use Advantech Mercedes keys. The key into the adapter seat into the Mercedes write function keys, to just calculate the key data of their choice into a load, determined to start writing the key, the key will be able to write about 10 seconds, you can start the car.

If it is remote, you can use the Mercedes-Benz EIS key test platform, their own table to detect whether the key lock has been opened to determine the success of re-loading.

With the right equipment, the right way to do ,It’s easy to Reprogramming Benz key ,newbee can also learn within 15 minutes. The above example is Motorola lock practices, NEC and BGA, the matching principle is the same as old one

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