Mercedes-Benz ML350 key matching

How to make Mercedes-Benz ML350 key matching

Today,I want to share the technical article “Mercedes Benz car keys match Tutorial,” describes the basic method of matching the Mercedes-Benz infrared keys. After, some friend asked me some question that how to make 2005 Mercedes-Benz ML350 key programming? So today i’d like to share this old Benz key make approach. Although this type of car is not more on the road

In the last article I said that the Mercedes-Benz car keys can be divided into two types: 1, infrared keys. 2, chip keys.

Infrared key is the use of infrared codes to achieve the anti-theft feature, if you can not understand,you can see the article I wrote 《Benz Key Matching tutorials

Chip key is always said that we often encounter the kind of use of the key chip data and vehicle anti-theft system for data matching,to achieve anti-theft feature.
Today WOBD2 sharing the way is the second one. it’s always use in 2005 Benz ML350 key chip. Before talk about the key matching, we need to know what it is a combination of anti-theft.


The Old Mercedes-Benz ML350 combination of security is Chip Key (Key) + Anti-theft vehicle computer (AAM or EAM) + engine computer (DEM)
In fact, we are only to open the vehicle anti-theft computer disassembly (AAM). We used to read data theft, and rewrite enable chip, the method as follows:

1. Disassemble AAM computer
AAM computer position is bottom left corner in the steering wheel, see the picture. After disassembly under AAM, turn it on, you will find there is a combination of two computer boards together, one large and another small, links with plug, separated it. Both of computer boards model: MC68HC705X32 Motorola CPU, netmasks: 0G47V.

2, Read data
We just only read 0G47V data on the computer, see the picture. Another chunk 0G47V PC board do not control, which is we need to pay attention, a lot of people for the first time it will be easy to wrong.

Some people may ask: if i want to read 0G47V data, which programmer is better?
My answer : Digimaster 3 or Diagpro3, XProg, etc. choice what you favorite, but the equipment it should stable!

I found that many people do not know how to use the auto diagnosis equipment ,and ask me how to read this MC68HC705X32 (0G47V), in fact, the Digimaster 3 you got can be read. seprate whole cpu, and welded to the adapter 

3, write key start
Read out The 0G47V data, you can start to write key with the Tango (not dance name, lol ,the Tango is a diagnosis device), TM100, VVDI , as the following example use TM100. Enter to the TM100 dashboard, select key generation, select Mercedes-Benz, choose ML, then select the AAM (7935).

Then, load 0G47V data read out just now, you will see that there are many keys. We choose a location to a new 7935 chip programmer coil into the TM100, the points determined in accordance with the instructions, you can successfully build a car key chip, you do not need to write data to the 0G47V.

Remote control key Matching
For these old Benz, it has been difficult with conventional methods to increase the original car remote control. How to do it? In fact, there are some many people was so smart,who invented the remote control module. The following figure, buy a set of modules such that, in fact a principle is similar to the installation of anti-theft steel-mate remote control

One end plugs into the car’s original body AAM computer, plug the other end of the plug on the original, to use it with two folding key remote control can replace the original car remote control functionality. Then we put the 7935 with a good chip attached to the inside folding key remote control, a new key match OK!

Above matching method is suitable for almost all of the old Pentium chip key, similar. Means you learn this method, after experiencing other old Pentium chip key (except key infrared), as long as we see that it is such a folding key, no matter what the model, you can use this method to do it, this is not limited ML350 car.

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