Best Porsche Boxster OBDII Scanner Reviews

If you’d love to hear which OBDII scanner best for Porsche Boxster, you’ve come to the right article.

In the following, I’d like to recommend some decent Porsche Boxster OBDII Scanners.

Autel DiagLink diagnostic tool: Yes for Porsche Boxster

I recently purchased an Autel DiagLink. It can be used as a OBD II scanner on all cars but has the ability to have specific manufacturer software added. It is about $100 and you get one free manufacturer download. The Porsche download gave the ability to read and erase codes from the DME, Alarm, Air Bags, etc. It is nice to have the ability to reset the Air Bag warning light. I also used to read and reset the central locking alarm faults. Accessing the DME gives the ability to see data real time such as the cam deviations. Additional manufacturer downloads are available for $10 each which is reasonable if your fleet does not have too many makes.

Foxwell NT530 OBDII scanner: works with Porsche Boxster

I have a Foxwell NT520 (looks like the current version is Foxwell NT530) to read and clear codes. The Foxwell is a generic scanner that has per-manufacturer downloads available; I bought it with the BMW software (if you owned a BMW you would understand), added Porsche when I was going to look at a Boxster (private seller was happy to let me check codes). So I can read generic OBDII from anything, and get manufacturer-specific detail (including live control and the like) for the couple of German manufacturers I’ve paid extra for.

Another option is to get a Bluetooth (or Wifi) OBDII dongle and use an Android or iOS app. There are free “generic scanner” apps, and I know there are at least a couple of higher-function BMW apps (although my experience here is actually with Leafspy for an EV). I haven’t looked for Porsche apps, I’ve honestly had far less need (could be the difference between 2001 and 2008 electronics).

I like the handheld scan tool Foxwell NT530 as a thing to keep around the garage/workshop, but the dongle that works with a cellphone is cheap enough to keep in the glovebox (OK, Boxster, so centre console) in case something happens out on the road. Buy something cheap and simple until it turns out you need more capability?

There are many other brands and models of readers for Porsche Boxster:

Fortunately, on every US car built after 1995, there is a standardized diagnostic port that will allow a readout of more diagnostic information in the form of 5 place codes. On the US Boxster, the port is located over your left knee when sitting in the drivers seat.

I use an Actron CP9135 to read and reset codes.

But you can also get the codes read at some auto parts stores. They will have generic readers.

There are many other brands and models of readers. They plug into a OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics Version 2) port above the fuse/relay panel just above your left knee (US cars).

There is also software and a hardware adapter available for that loads onto a Windows XP laptop. If you are buying for lots of different make cars, the Actron may be better. Just for the Porsche, the Durametric software is superior if you have a Windows portable with the USB connection. The Durametric can access codes the Actron can’t especially the non-engine related codes and can activate some things for diagnostic purposes no generic code reader would ever see. But you can’t beat the Actron’s portability. Note that the Actron can read an infinite number of post-1995 model years cars while the Durametric has 2 versions and the cheaper will only read codes for 3 Porsche cars.

There are multiple thick volumes written about how to diagnose a problem that your dealer has (The multi-thousand dollar multi-volume maintenance/repair manuals). Often the codes can have multiple causes. The dealer (and some independent mechanics) have multi-volume service manuals, PST2 code analyzers and additional diagnostic tools. The service manuals give the equivalent of flow charts to show how the mechanic should test to further isolate the real problem from among the many possibilities. That the same code can be caused by several causes explains why, in forums, you can get people asserting that their fix is the right one for your codes when someone else is equally sure the codes point to a different cause/fix.
And no seller should object to a simple connect and scan. Once you show you are seriously interested. If they do, walk away.

Alright, hope it helps!

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